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Portfolio Manager, Trevor Dale, previously worked with hedge funds and pension funds in the capital markets to now bring that knowledge to you.

Financial plans need more than analysis… they need actionable financial advice.


Trusted Investment Manager

No more “my portfolio hasn’t changed in 15 years”.

Reasonable fees with elite advice and custom portfolios.


Debt & Retirement

Mortgages have a direct effect on your retirement. Find out how to optimize your debt to be paid off sooner.

A client first brokerage.

Life Insurance

Multiple Carriers, Advice, Low Cost

Term Insurance ~ Participating Whole Life ~ Universal Insurance ~ Critical Illness ~ Disability Insurance

Tax efficient strategies for families and business owners

TK Dale Wealth is your partner in financial strategy. By taking the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, your goals, and the legacy you wish to leave for your family, we reverse engineer a custom-tailored financial plan for your unique needs.



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